Here to challenge the status quo when it comes to telephony, Coloured Lines is a new breed of full service VOIP carrier offering affordable voice and data communication over a business grade, private network.

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Harness the power of FAQs.

Why is Coloured Lines cheaper than the major telcos?

We bypass the major telco's monopoly infrastructure so you can bypass their monopolistic costs! We offer a tailored voice solution utilising well proven voice-over-IP (VoIP) technologies running on our private network. These new technologies can be implemented at a lower cost and the savings are passed straight on to you. In addition to this, we remove all artificial and complex call charges such as flag falls and regional rates making your bill both easier to understand and significantly cheaper.

What are the differences between VoIP & traditional PBX phone systems?

Increased functionality and cheaper phone calls are instantly noticeable when moving to VoIP from PBX. VoIP phone systems leverage your existing office network cabling to connect handsets. This saves on additional cabling costs and provides greater flexibility than traditional phone systems. Using a VoIP carrier is the next logical step. At Coloured Lines, we are a VoIP carrier that can be integrated with both VoIP and traditional phone systems. VoIP phone systems can natively connect to us with no additional components. Traditional phone systems may require a small converter to convert from digital or analogue service to VoIP.

Will the quality of my phone calls be affected?

The quality may become better! We offer two different services; Green Lines and Red Lines.

Our Green Line services use dedicated cabling from the Telstra Exchange to your building, guaranteeing ISDN quality calls.

For small businesses, Red Lines is also available. Red Lines is the same fully-featured Service, but the traffic is delivered over a standard Internet connection. When using Red Lines the traffic traverses the public Internet and call quality cannot be guaranteed, although we have many customers using the service with no complaints. Call us today to discuss the various options.

What do I need to get started?

Nothing! At Coloured Lines, we can supply everything for you. Whether you're starting fresh or looking to migrate from your dated traditional system, we have the solution for you.

Can I keep my existing numbers?

Absolutely! We have porting agreements with most telephony carriers. This means in most cases your phone numbers can be transferred from your existing carrier across to Coloured Lines. In rare cases where your numbers can't be ported, we can arrange diversions to new numbers for you. Contact our sales team today to find out how.

Will the dramatically low prices increase once I've signed up?

Never! Our prices are fixed and will not go up whilst you're under contract. On the contrary, when market prices decrease we pass the savings straight on to you! there's no need to wait for contract renewal.


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