Speech Analytics
Speech Analytics

Coloured Lines offers the advanced Call Journey speech analytics platform (“Workbench”) and their underlying EVS (“Emotive Voice Streams “) engine.  EVS is a state of the art, cloud-based Conversation Analytics Engine. It uses Artificial Intelligence to understand long conversations between multiple speakers.

This platform will permit you to ingest call recordings from your contact centre / telephony platforms and provide instantaneous, customised and predictive analysis on the content of those calls.  The analysis will lead to better customer outcomes, more effective agent performance and a reduction in risk to the business.


A conversation is more than just words, it’s a human connection. Within every single connection is a complex and invaluable collection of data, which when unlocked can unleash a wealth of insights about your customers and staff. With this information you can do a lot. You can listen better and understand both sides of a conversation, turning everyday interactions into valued relationships.

Say hello to Emotive Voice Streams™. EVS™ are rich data sets derived from audio sources helping you to understand more about the conversations within your business. EVS™ transforms audio into rich emotive text unlocking data that couldn’t be unlocked before. The technology is smart. It gleans important information from every utterance, surfacing emotive weight and relevance, accurately pinpointing sentiment and emotion inextricably linked to specific words, phrases and entire conversations.


  • Higher Visibility of Trends / Patterns
    • Spot important verbal trends of your customers and agents.
  • Richer Propensity Models & Churn
    • Accurate information regarding your customers’ possible future behaviour including churn.
  • Next Best Offer
    • Accurately identify what products and solutions are most wanted.
  • Compliance
    • Get greater visibility of process adherence and identify those “code red” moments
  • Script Adherence
    • Keep track of your agents’ adherence to important scripts.
  • Deeper Customer Profiling & Behavioural Profiling
    • Do you still know your customers as Jane Doe? Isn’t it time you met Jane Doe?
  • Customer Lifecycle
    • Get the best insights about your customer lifecycle.
  • Fraud Detection
    • Mitigate risk before it has the chance to occur.


Call Journey’s Speech Engine Processing platform (EVS) also has multiple data output pathways:

  • Turn-key – out of the box: WordBench analytics dashboard and management platform
  • Systems Integration for data out via API
  • JSON files easily imported to Tableau / PowerBI / eMite / Rapidminer etc
  • Customer driven data platforms/data lakes


EVS is the science of conversations, dissecting them to extract precious actionable value and important insights to help businesses really listen better. EVS helps you create real focus: understand your customers, empower your staff and protect your business. Go beyond sampling, understand every conversation, so you can alter the future now.

EVS transcribes every conversation, and measures every word and emotion so that you can finally understand the drivers behind areas like NPS, successful campaigns or best agent’s results. In the end, it’s not about data, but knowledge. The conversation analytics ecosystem, turns EVS-generated data into actionable, relevant insights that help a smooth transition from discovery to implementation.  EVS deep-dives into the conversations to discover context and emotion linked to each utterance.

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