Contact Centres
Contact Centres

The modern contact centre is still an essential part of many organisations’ key strategy to serve their customers.  Despite the rise of web and app channels, the voice channel is still as strong and important as ever.

Multi-channel Options

The need to offer a multi-channel and technically augmented contact centre is now an imperative to stay competitive.  The platforms permit your agents to give customers the choice to be served via the medium they prefer such as voice, video, email, chat, SMS or via social media and with a personalised or automated service.

We support a number of the leading contact centre platforms to build intelligent workflows that optimise the customer experience whilst reducing operational costs for your business.  The big change over recent years has been the push to deliver contact centres out of the cloud versus the traditional on-premise platforms.  Now you can consume a more flexible delivery of feature-rich contact centre capability without the heavy up-front infrastructure costs and with more agile licensing to suit the ebbs and flows of demand.  And naturally your agents can work from anywhere they have an internet connection with full functionality and quality monitoring.

Embedded Platforms

Another big shift has been the rise of contact centres embedded into other applications like Salesforce or MS Teams.  Or tightly integrated via API into your line-of-business applications.  Coloured Lines has an extensive history of consulting in your requirements, integrating best-of-breed platforms and connecting them to our specialist contact centre trunking service.  Our dedicated trunks have features like burst call capacity, call cap setting for diallers, per second billing and presentation of any caller ID.   We also directly plug into several cloud platforms providing carrier services to all their Australian & New Zealand customers.

In order to ascertain what is the optimum future technology for your business and how this can improve your operational productivity, we offer a business analysis and consultancy service using experienced call centres operations specialists.   But always happy to have an informal chat!