Author: Kim
13th Aug 2021

Redesigning a fan-favorite isn’t easy. When our designers took on the project of creating an updated version of Poly’s much-loved Voyager Focus headset, they went all-in to bring you a badass looking headset with the technical chops to match. They took years of customer feedback into account – keeping the good, improving the improvable, and adding in Poly’s latest advancements in acoustic technology to bring you a headset that truly checks all the boxes.

To get an in-depth look at the all-new Voyager Focus 2 premium Bluetooth® headset, we sat down with a few designers that spearheaded this project. Poly spoke with John Kelley, the Principal Industrial Designer in charge of the new look and feel of the headset, as well as Matt Mainini, the Human Factors Industrial Designer responsible for making this device comfortable for everyone to wear all day long.

Let’s dive in…

The original Poly Voyager Focus is one of Poly’s most popular and best-selling headsets to date. With that in mind, did you approach the redesign of this product any differently than you would another?

[John] When we started the project, we knew that we needed to keep the features that made the original Voyager Focus headset so popular. As Matt can speak to in more detail, comfort was one of those main features. So, the comfort of the ear cushions and headband sling are very similar – only the visual execution on the Focus 2 is more harmonious.

Poly Voyager Focus and Poly Voyager Focus 2

To achieve this, we designed each component of the headset to seamlessly transition, such as the continuous outer metal headband and the position of the sling when it is fully retracted.

Matt, can you tell me a bit more about the comfort features John is alluding to?

[Matt] Sure. People buy headsets for many different reasons, and comfort is one of them. If I headset isn’t comfortable, it doesn’t matter how good the sound quality is, they just won’t wear it and therefore, they won’t experience it the way you want them to.

So, we take comfort very seriously. We focus on ergonomics using an anthropometric database to evaluate various head size so we can tune the surface geometries to accommodate the widest population possible.

The combination of the adjustable arms and the sling can comfortably accommodate a variety of different head sizes. This adjustability also gives the person wearing the headset the ability to adjust it to fit in a way that feels most comfortable to them. For instance, if the user prefers a more secure, snug fit, they can retract the arms. If they want a looser, less noticeable feel to the headset, they can expand the arms and let the sling do the work.

That’s impressive that you were able to achieve a nearly one-size-fits-all product considering there’s such a wide range of head shapes and sizes! John, back to you – what are some of the other features that got carried over from the original Voyager Focus?

[John] As far as features go, we made sure to carry over the pinch mute button on the boom, which was a much-loved feature on the original Focus headset. As with all Poly headsets, the primary graphite color is accentuated with lava accents. We kept the color pallet the same but updated the materials and finishes. For instance, the reflective vinyl finish on the outside of the headset is new and we also created contrast with satin and polished plastics throughout.

Pinch mute on the boom of the Voyager Focus 2

I love the updated look of the headset. What else is new?

[John] We’ve updated the UI (user interface) on this headset so that all the controls are now consolidated to one side for a streamlined user experience. Here, we used an intuitive ‘compass UI’ that allows the user to control volume, answer or end calls, and a Teams button on the Teams version on the face of the ear cup. And around the back of the headset, you can control the level of ANC, and power/pairing.

This newer version of the Voyager Focus 2 upgraded the ANC to Hybrid ANC. Did you have to make any changes to the design to accommodate this newer technology.

[Matt] both versions of the Voyager Focus headset fit to the ear in a way that is not only comfortable, but also creates a seal between the ear and the ear cushion, allowing for better sound quality and ANC performance. The articulations between the earcup and the headband pivot up and down and 180 degrees side-to-side, helping it better fit to your ear while not causing uncomfortable pressure points.


For those of you worried that this means the Voyager Focus is no longer with us – rest assured, we know when we’ve found a keeper. For more information about the new Voyager Focus 2 and other tools that will elevate your WFH game, simply contact us.