Cloud Contact Centre
Cloud Contact Centre

Coloured Lines’ provides specific capability that serves the unique needs of small through to enterprise contact centres.  Contact centres are telephony intensive by their very nature and requirements are more complex than regular office telephony systems.  Our experience in supporting both direct contact centres as well as underpinning a number of Australian hosted contact centre platforms has allowed us to construct a specific industry offering.

As Coloured Lines owns and runs our own switching platform and network, we are able to customise aspects of our service that reflect your contact centre requirements, whether that be outbound or inbound.  Our aim is to remove as many functional restrictions as possible to permit you to route traffic to and from your customers in the most seamless way to optimise their experience.


Based on your technical, commercial and functional requirements, Coloured Lines can provision you onto one of several different contact centre offerings.  We directly connect to highly customisable and locally developed platforms as well as global cloud platforms.  Some of the considerations our customers look for are:

  • The ability to have rapid and client specific developments done to meet very individual call routing scenarios
  • Deep integration into other major cloud platforms like Microsoft Skype for Business / Teams or Salesforce
  • High capacity outbound diallers
  • Front-end call automation and self-service functionality

Carrier Services

Some of the many features that we provide to our call centre customers to facilitate their operations are:

  • Simple, flat call rates that are billed per second with no flag fall on any call type
  • Ability to scale capacity on demand without call blocking
  • Full CDR export monthly or scheduled to assist with reporting, billing and cost allocation
  • Outbound call access control including customised geographic blocking for greater security against unexpected call costs from rogue agents or hackers
  • Ability to present any national caller ID that you own – including mobile numbers and ability to receive a call on a mobile number back to a designated SIP trunk
  • Agreed minimum and maximum CAPS (Call Attempts per Second) to unthrottle your dialler
  • Multiple upstream paths and interconnect options including public, private, cross connect & peering network links for maximum redundancy and automated failover
  • Direct engineering team access with SIP packet tracing for issue identification and call outcome tracing
  • Access to our sophisticated IVR platform for inbound & outbound call automation including text-to-speech and speech recognition to more efficient call handling
  • Access to our SMS gateway for Australian originated, SMS traffic with full API integration
  • Access to advanced voice transcription & analytics capabilities to see inside your conversations and identify trends, opportunities and risks.


Coloured Lines has deep expertise in call centre operational consulting, process improvement and mapping the right technology to your business requirements.  Our customers include outsourced call centres with hundreds of different queues in concurrent operation through to high-volume outbound telemarketing businesses.  We provide the back-end carrier services to a number of cloud platforms delivering services to hundreds of contact centres around the country, permitting us an unique perspective on the industry unmatched by a single product vendor.