Telco Cost Reduction
Telco Cost Reduction

Move from the old to the new

With the shut down of the ISDN network happening now and the inexorable move to VoIP, your organisation can access the best of both worlds:  lower call costs and more flexible telco services.  The ISDN network which has long been a stalwart of enterprise telco connectivity is being retired right now.  No new services are being provisioned and existing services are required to progressively migrate onto VoIP services.

We are specialists in managing this migration process for you by assisting the migration of your existing phone system to either connect to VoIP services or be replaced by a newer cloud platform.  We also provide the VoIP trunks themselves and work with you to optimise the number of services you need and a plan to lower your costs.

Enjoy lower costs

Call rates from Coloured Lines are cheaper than the traditional telcos and you have the freedom to consume just the capacity you need, not paying for surplus lines or excessive cap plans.  That counts for both outbound call costs as well as inbound services such as 1300 & 1800 numbers.  Because we operate our own robust, business-grade network, we are able to offer a direct resolution when it comes to support and provisioning of services. No waiting, no dead ends, no red tape, no excuses – just fast and effective action from an agile and able VoIP carrier here to give your business what it needs, when it needs it.

Each business, company or organisation has its own unique individual requirements. Therefore, we start each job with an assessment. We look at your current telephony environment and find out what it’s costing you – so we can make it cost less.  We customise a carrier package just for you that optimises your spend and neatly fits the requirements of your business which will lower your costs and scale to meet your future needs.

The best way to start is let us do a side-by-side bill comparison for you of your existing spend compared to what would be your future spend with Coloured Lines.  Then you can see will your own real data the savings that you can achieve and the return on your investment in migrating.