Voice Automation & Bots
Voice Automation & Bots

Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVA)

Intelligent Virtual Assistants are automated, self-service applications that you can offer to your customers to use. They offer capabilities that are similar to human service and support agents—they just never rest or take a vacation—and they’re substantially cheaper.  Virtual agents work 24×7 supporting your IVR and other channels and can be introduced rapidly with minimal professional services for an immediate return on investment.

For example, they can understand human speech in over 100 languages and respond using text-to-speech (TTS) that is almost indistinguishable from a human agent. Virtual Agents can be configured with very basic skills—the most basic agent might simply answer the phone, ask the caller if she wants to maintain her place in queue and schedule a callback. An advanced agent might have the skills to understand human speech in multiple languages, determine intent using natural language processing, process PCI-complaint payments and respond in multiple languages over the phone, via chat or SMS.

Virtual agents can automate things. They can perform all kinds of tasks to care for customers. They can make appointments, reset passwords, look up orders, survey customers, process payments and answer all kinds of questions—over the phone, web or SMS.  They’re always working and always learning new skills.  They can perform back office functions as well react to changes in your business in real-time. They’re security conscious and fully PCI compliant.

They can use machine learning to understand the various ways your customers ask for things. Simply provide a set of examples of things a customer might say, and our Virtual Agents learn to understand other ways that your customers may ask for the same thing. For example, you might teach the Virtual Agent to understand the phrase “I’d like to get my car fixed,”
and over time our Virtual Agent will understand that “Can you fix my car?” means the same thing.

How Much Do Virtual Agents Cost?

Just like a team of outsourced call center agents, you purchase Virtual Agents and pay for them for as long as you need them, on a monthly basis.

Developing IVR & IVA Solutions

Coloured Lines offers a complete browser-based no-code environment for designing and managing tasks for your IVR’s and IVA’s.  Or we can consult, design, implement and support your business requirements with a fully managed end-end solution.

You can get started with a blank canvas, an existing task, or a task from our extensive task library. From there, one can simply drag and drop nodes that instruct your agents how to react to customer interactions.  We can also deepen the context for virtual agents through integrations to private & public APIs and/or data sources.

Sample Skills & Applications

Agent Skills:
• Basic IVR
• Speech Recognition
• Natural Language Processing
• Text-to-Speech
• Voice Biometrics
• Tone Analyzer
• PCI-Payments
• Intelligent Callbacks
• AutoDialer

Inference Studio IVA Builder