VoIP Lines
VoIP Lines

Telephony services provided by Coloured Lines are pure VoIP and we typically carry all your call traffic on private or internet connections at fully uncompressed audio bandwidth to give you call quality equal to that which you are used to from ISDN or PSTN.


We can provide an internet-based VoIP connection that connects over your existing internet service – or we can upgrade your internet service, or provision a new service dedicated to voice traffic as required.  Dedicated circuits can be installed as new lines into your premises and carry the voice traffic directly from your premises to our data centre without touching any public internet or other data services, thus guaranteeing you the highest quality caller experience.

The physical installation can be done over NBN, fibre, wireless or other technologies…we worry about the mode of connection that will give you the best experience and the right scale for your business needs.  You simply tell us how many concurrent calls you need and we organise everything else.  In all cases, the “service and equipment” costs of a VoIP service are materially cheaper than an equivalent ISDN service.

What are the benefits of VoIP?

  • By connecting to our VoIP network, you will have the benefit of substantially reduced call rates compared to the old school ISDN or PSTN services.
  • You will also have greater flexibility as you can order exactly the number of lines that you need, and are not restricted to bundles of 2 or 10/20/30 lines.
  • VoIP gives you much more redundancy as we can automatically send your calls down a secondary path in the event of a failure of one connection.
  • You can also have sophisticated routing rules around geography and call delivery that suits your business location and how you wish to serve your customers.

What does it cost?

You costs are broken down in a similar way to what you’d be used to previously.

  • There’s a monthly fee for your number range (typically most customers have a 100 number block, eg 03-8640-8600 to 8699)
  • There’s a service fee per line (remember you can have exactly the number of lines you need, not an excessive bundle amount)
  • You pay per minute for your calls (we bill per second with no flag falls or other expensive tricks that many telcos use to push up your costs)

How easy is it to move to Coloured Lines VoIP?

Super easy!   Just give us a call and drop us a line and we organise connecting your premises to our network and porting your number over without any effort on your part!

Beforehand, we can do a side-by-side bill comparison of what you are paying now to what you would pay with us so you can see the actual savings that are relevant to you.

And we will spend the time to understand the unique nature of your business and what’s important to you in handling calls and serving your customers and staff so we can recommend the right configuration of services for you and assist with the totality of your communication requirements.