Cloud Call Recording
Cloud Call Recording

Whether you need call recording for compliance purposes, quality assurance or traffic analytics, you need to ensure the capability to capture recordings at scale and from either trunk side or extension side and have them securely stored.  Cloud recording platforms which are integrated with a carrier-side solution provide a unique and powerful method to capture recordings and tag them appropriately and have them archived in an encrypted manner.

Key Features of Cloud Call Recording

  • Choice of best-of-breed recording platform based upon your specific requirements.
  • Certified integration into platforms such as Microsoft Skype for Business / Teams, Cisco / Broadsoft or contact centre platforms such as Enghouse, Vocalcom, Serenova etc.
  • Highly scalable capacity to do full-time recording of hundreds of agents or individualised on-demand recording down to a single agent.
  • Integration into Speech Analytics platforms for actionable intelligence derived from call content.
  • Comprehensive call tagging and meta-data attaching to facilitate easy retrieval based upon custom criteria.


We consult with you to determine the your specific business requirements that incorporate technical, operational, security and reporting dimensions.  We then are able to choose from several different recording platforms that are integrated into Coloured Lines or can integrate directly into your premises based PBX or contact centre.  Each platform has certain unique characteristics that determine its suitability on aspects such as:

  • Degree of customisation required to meet your requirements
  • Data storage scale, location, encryption and archival tenure
  • Trunk side versus extension side integration
  • Commercial model for recording consumption (units, volume, connectors etc)

Speak with us today to look at an end-end solution that can provide your inbound voice services with call handling platform such as PBX or contact centre plus call recording and speech analytics.  We can look at any or all of the component pieces for you to give you the optimum operational and commercial outcome.